Robert Broekhuis

Jumping figure
Oil and crayon on linnen, wood,tar,copper,48x37x9cm,2020
What if...
Oil on wood, stone,wood,33x35x16cm, 2020
Rhapsody in Black, love song for a lonely hunter
mixed media 2018
The Anatomy of silence
Children's table with tar, plate, mike, ledlight and painting. 2018
Still life
Steel, ink, 23 bottles, ledlight, 2018
Heavenly Bodies, mixed media, 2018
Sleepless night, 40x40cm, mixed media, 2018
gallery view of Saudade, oil on canvas, tree branches, paper and ventilator,
Discussing the Laws of Isaac Newton, rope, stone,balloon 2018,
Music & Space #1,2 and 3 2018-2019. The Hague, HKK 2019
Narrow Escape, mixed media, 2018
gallery view of The Construction of Shadows,mixed media,The Hague, HKK 2019
Discussing the laws of Isaac Newton, mixed media, 2017
Study, stone, lead, iron, 2018